Bi-Polar Ionization

Global Plasma Solutions – Bi-Polar Ionization Technology

With over 30 patents and more than 150,000 installations worldwide using our NEEDLEPOINT BIPOLAR IONIZATION technology, also known as NPBI, GPS is truly the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) revolutIONIZER.

GPS’ proven technology delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy – producing neither ozone nor other harmful by-products.

All GPS NPBI products are UL and CE approved.

Through NPBI, our products purify the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors and pathogens.

The combined effect is a lowered carbon footprint for your facility and up to 30% energy savings through a reduced (up to 75%) outdoor air intake.

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Throughout the years ultraviolet technology has become well established as a method of choice for its effectiveness, economy, safety, speed, ease of use, and because the process is free of by-products.

B.C. Air Filter Ltd. is pleased to offer the manufactured products of:

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has engineered and manufactured ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitizing and surface disinfection systems, and UV germicidal lamps for residential and commercial applications, since 1963.

The method of ultraviolet germicidal light being used in purification and disinfection of water, air and surface is a unique and rapid method, without the use of heat or chemicals. Germicidal ultraviolet lamps utilized produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.

Sanuvox  Technologies Inc.

Sanuvox  Technologies Inc. is a global leader in ultraviolet air purification providing the most advanced cost-effective in-duct and stand alone UV air and coil sterilization systems available.

Proprietary Sanuvox UV systems are designed to maximize exposure time delivering the ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates.

In-duct and stand alone Sanuvox systems are used around the world in residential, commercial, medical and cannabis installations. They are the most effective air sterilization systems available.

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