Our All Products Brochure gives a general run-down of the HVAC air filter products we manufacture and carry. Designed with our distributors in mind, this brochure is ideal for determining which filter type is required.

Pre-Cut Pads & Holding Frames

Media pads and rolls are available in synthetic or fiberglass in efficiencies up to MERV9. Used in conjunction with the metal media holding frames these offer a cost-effective filtration alternative. Custom sizes are manufactured in-house.

Throw-Away Panels

Cardboard pinch-frame throw-away panel filters are available in a wide variety of standard sizes in 1” and 2” depths. Custom sizes are manufactured in-house.

Pleated Filters

MERV 8, 10, and 13 pleated filters in 1”, 2” and 4” depths. Available in self-support and wire-back configurations. Stocked in a wide variety of standard sizes at all three BC locations. Custom sizes are manufactured in-house.

Ring Panels & Cubes

Wire support panels and cubes manufactured in-house offer a robust and flexible filtration option for challenging environments, available up to MERV 9.


High-Efficiency Bag Filters

Extended surface bag filters can be manufactured in several efficiencies, up to MERV 16, in a myriad of sizes to fit just about any application. Available with standard synthetic media or premium high-loft synthetic media for extended service life.


High-Efficiency Box Filters

Box filters are available in standard, header, and double header configurations up to MERV 15. A wide variety of styles and construction techniques means there is a box filter for every application.

High-Efficiency Mini Pleats

Offers high-efficiency filtration without the limitations of conventional bag and box filters. When compared head-to-head, mini pleat filters have a longer service life and lower initial pressure drop by offering more filtration media in the same space. These are available up to MERV 16 in 2”, 4”, 6”, and 12” depths.

HEPA & ULPA Filters

Available in a wide range of styles and configurations to suit most commercial and industrial applications. Standard and high-capacity rated HEPA filters with a minimum efficiency rating of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns.

BC Air Filter Ltd is able offer a broad range of fluid treatment solutions. We offer a wide selection of filters, and related accessories and hardware, for potable and process filtration. BC Air Filter Ltd has the solutions to your fluid purification needs.

Industry leaders like Continental and Gates belts are available and stocked in the most common sizes.

BC Air Filter Ltd can supply filters for most collector manufacturers, for both cartridge and bag systems. If you are experiencing shorter filter life, or have a change in your process, we can make sure you are using the correct filter media. BC Air Filter Ltd is your one stop shop for all your dust collection requirements.

GPS Needle Point Bipolar Ionization

NPBI products deliver improved indoor air quality and are UL and CE certified. When used and installed properly these products will help eliminate odours, and airborne particulate, and can even help control pathogens.



Equipment and replacement bulbs available. When used and installed properly these products will help eliminate odours and can even help control pathogens.

BC Air stocks a wide variety of odour control carbon products.

Pleated Filters

Media Rolls & Pads

High-efficiency Box filters and V-Cells



Bulk Media

Universal Holding Frames & Clips

ASHRAE & HEPA prefabricated housings

Carbon filter prefabricated housings

BC Air Filter can manufacture custom size products to suit what ever your HVAC filtration demands are

We carry a comprehensive inventory to satisfy most individual customer requirements.  For product inquiries, please contact us.

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