Foremarket Filtration product

B.C. Air Filter carries a wide variety of products for new construction and installation. Filter housings, frames, and complete systems are available for bid & spec or even one-off applications. From help on the design stage of a new commercial or industrial project, to recommendations on retrofit work, B.C. Air Filter employs industry trained specialists to make sure your system performs as desired.

Universal Filter Frames

Universal Filter Frames represent the easiest way to install a face-load filter housing system. Designed to accommodate almost any commercially available filter, B.C. Air Filter carries universal frames in many sizes.

Filter Housings

Single-Stage, V-Bank, and Two-Stage Filter Housings are available in many sizes and configurations. B.C. Air Filter carries AirguardĀ® manufactured items due to their experience and unrivalled build-quality.

Vapor-Phase (Carbon) Filter Housings

Housings designed to accommodate gas and odour control products are available in numerous configurations and sizes. B.C. Air Filter determines the ideal adsorbent for each application and will work with your engineers to ensure functionality.

High Efficiency HEPA Housings

From standard applications requiring clean atmosphere, to hospital, pharmaceutical, cleanroom and even bag-in/bag-out installations, B.C. Air Filter can supply the best quality product available.

New construction, or “foremarket filtration”, is an ever changing industry. New products and systems are available all the time, so if you don’t see the style of system you have specified, give us a call. B.C. Air Filter has been a specialist in working with HVAC systems for almost forty years.

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